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Influence Map, Avery by AmandaSylvia Influence Map, Avery by AmandaSylvia
So I was a bit bored on my way home (by train it takes me about 20 hours to get to my hometown), so I decided to do an Influence Map for Avery. I didn't quite finish it then, but I decided to now that I have some time since I've met pretty much my hole family (uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents and all).

Since I didn't bother to write down the different inspirations on the picture, here's a list and why they inspire me:

Laura LaFrate (ANTM, cycle 18(?)) - Looks like I imagine a young Avery would.
Eowyn (LotR) - For stealing all the spotlight from the men! Fuck yeah!
Cassandra (The Gotham Knight) - She trains Bruce Wayne. Need I say anything more?
Heather Kuzmich (ANTM, cycle 9) - Also an inspiration for Avery's appearance.
Maria Thorpe (Assassin's Creed) - Former noble woman and templar. Married Altair. Also managed to kick Altair's ass on more than one occation.
Jean Grey/Phoenix (X-Men) - What can I say? She saved her friends, sacrificing herself, and then returned to life. ME2 vibes anyone?
Jane Shepard (Mass Effect) - Does this really need an explanation?
Ofelia (Pan's Labyrinth) - Another kickass girl. Just watch the movie, alright? You won't regret it.
Beatix Kiddo/The Bride (Kill Bill) - Kick. Ass. Woman. Like Shepard.
Florence and the Machine - Their song 'Girl with one eye' basically helped me create Avery. The first inspiration for my baby.
Arwen Undomiel (LotR) - Also inpired Avery's apperance. And her romance with Aragorn reminds me of Avery's romance with Thane.
Connor Kenway/Ratonhnhaké:ton (Assassin's Creed) - Goes to war to protect his people, even if it means alienating himself from the tribe by working with the lesser of two evils.
Natalie Portman - First inpiration for Avery's appearance.
Lana Del Rey - 'Dark Paradise' was on repeat while I was drawing my Avery/Thane comic. I still listen to at least one of her songs for every chapter I write for 'Bullets and Scars'.

Here's the original one, by :iconfox-orian:, if anyone feels like doing one themselves: [link]
jessypet92 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Nice. :) Det är alltid intressant att se sådana här för såna djupa karaktärer såsom Avery :aww:
AmandaSylvia Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Jag tycker i allmänhet om att göra såna här för mina karaktärer, men det skulle bli så väldigt många om jag gjorde en för varje av mina favoritkaraktärer. Funderar på att kanske göra en för alla Shepards jag har, men det får vi se hur det blir med det. :)
jessypet92 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Jag skulle jätte gärna se en för varje Shepard du har! :D
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